Miele Complete C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Miele Complete C2 Limited EditionYou may have noticed a trend for mini vacuum cleaners, stick cleaners and robot vacuums. These are great for small jobs or small houses, however perhaps you have a large house that you need to clean, and have little use for a small vacuum that needs to be constantly charged or emptied. That’s why the Miele Complete C2 Vacuum Cleaner was invented – for the bigger jobs that require a cleaner with a bit of attitude. If this sounds like a vacuum cleaner that could do well in your home or office, then here is a brief overview so you can determine for yourself whether it is suitable.


This vacuum cleaner was made to be powerful, and made to last. The Miele Complete C2 vacuum cleaner is a limited edition corded turbo vacuum. There will be no chance of losing or tripping over this vacuum, for it is bright yellow– no more using plain black and grey appliances. It’s a full size canister vacuum with a flexible hose, and at the end of the hose is a turbo charged floor brush – you will be hard pressed to find dirt particles that will not be sucked up by its powerful vacuum motor-head. The hose is made of a quality, flexible plastic that moves with you, and will not get dents which can get in the way of full suction.

There is nothing more frustrating than needing to unplug the vacuum cleaner when one room is vacuumed, and then have to find a free power plug in the next room – Miele have designed an extra-long power cable to minimize this. The power cable is a massive 33 feet long, and is fully which many consumers are happy about it.


One of the best features of the Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner is the fact that there is a rug and floor combination vacuum head which is able to be used to vacuum carpets and hard floors – no changing of the head or adding of accessories is necessary. There are other accessories and tools that come with it, and these are all stored within the actual canister of the vacuum cleaner. This roller brush is actually air driven and the cleaner itself is powered with a German made vortex motor system. So you know that it is going to be quality, and helps effectively in your cleaning chores. Another great feature is the way that the filters are made ensuring that none of the dust or toxic fumes is blown back into the air after it is initially picked up. It actually fully filters and cleans the air – removes 99.9% of allergens. Great for those with asthma or with extreme dust allergies.

Sometimes a powerful vacuum cleaner is not completely necessary at all times, especially when cleaning delicate furniture such as curtain. So there are 6 different power settings, each for different purposes (such as thick carpets, hard floors, low pile rugs and furniture to name a few). These settings are very easily changed using the rotary dial on the front of the canister.



Although it is quite a large and powerful vacuum cleaner, it is deceptively user friendly. There is only one control – the rotary dial on the front, and this is just used to change the speed settings. It is also very simple to manoeuvre and navigate, because it is made with such high quality and robust materials – the hose will not bend too much and will not get tangled around itself. And the actual canister is not too heavy so it is not difficult to pull throughout the house. The extra accessories that come standard with it are able to be stored inside the canister, so you can easily attach them when needed. Using these accessories, you are able to clean fabrics, a dusting brush for removing dust from the top of furniture, and a crevice tool for getting into those hard to reach places. So no matter where you need to vacuum, there will be a tool or accessory to get it done.


Considering how large and powerful the Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner is, it is extremely user friendly and effective. It just gets the job done without making a fuss, and the extra-long retractable cord makes it easy to move from room to room. This is a vacuum cleaner that you will be happy to use every day.

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