Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Bagless Vacuum NV365E

Unless you have never watched daytime TV, it is likely that you will know about the Shark Navigator vacuum range, and have heard about how they are so powerful yet portable with their unique ‘lift away feature’.
Well everything that you have heard about the Shark Navigator vacuums is true, and they are even better in reality than they are on TV.

Design of the Shark NV365E Navigator

Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away ProfessionalThe Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Bagless Vacuum is one of the top of the line bagless vacuum cleaners in the Shark Navigator range. Once you use a bagless lift away vacuum, you will never be able to go back to lugging an ordinary vacuum cleaner around ever again.

It is so much more than just an everyday vacuum cleaner (although it definitely copes with daily use) – it is a super vacuum. It looks after more than just your house – it takes care of you too. It is recommended for those with allergies and asthma as it uses a special anti-allergen complete seal technology through the use of a HEPA filter. This not only vacuums the floors, it actually filters the air as it goes. So it really is the ultimate in home cleaning. The more you use this vacuum, the better you will feel and the better your house will look. The allergens stay inside the vacuum and away from you.

On first glance you may think that it is a heavy vacuum cleaner, especially when you read about all of its features. However, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how light weight and portable it is. It is made to be a lift-away vacuum cleaner, and it really lives up to its name. Cleaning stairs, corners, walls, furniture or really anything with a surface has never been easier. Simply push the release button and the hose separates from the main body of the cleaner, and it is so light weight that it can be easily lifted and controlled with one hand. Then when you want to clean the floors, simply click the hose back in and it becomes an easy to navigate and control all-in-one vacuum. There is no longer any need to have multiple vacuum cleaners – the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is able to do everything in a single cleaner.


Usability of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away



Because the entire vacuum cleaner only weighs 14 lbs, not only is it light to carry and store, it also makes it extremely manoeuvrable. You will not have any issues getting into the corners, and you will not need to strain your back in order to get under tables, around corners or anywhere else that you feel the need to vacuum. Despite its lightness, it has a surprisingly powerful engine which promises to never lose suction (and this is a promise that you can be confident that it can keep). The power cord is extra-long at 30 feet, so you will not have to constantly unplug and move to another power point. And when the canister is full of dust, hair and anything else it managed to pick up, simply empty it into the bin and you will be good to go again. The canister empties cleanly and will not allow the dust and allergens to go back into the air.


Using the Shark Lift-Away PodIf you are looking for an effective vacuum cleaner to tackle all types of flooring (from carpets to hard floor), then this vacuum cleaner will become your new best friend. It has super suction so is able to remove even the smallest particles from deep inside the carpet, and it also has special microfiber dusting pads for dusting and cleaning hard floors (tile and wood). So it really can be used in all rooms and for all surfaces. There is also an attachment pack that is available for separate purchase which will provide you with extra attachments. So if you have any specialist cleaning jobs (couches, curtains or vehicles), then there will be a perfect attachment to make any cleaning job easy and stress free. The standard attachments it came with are very versatile and useful and include a pet brush (for getting the notoriously stubborn pet hair), a dusting brush and a crevice brush (to get deep into the hard to reach spots).

Your time is precious and Shark Navigator understands that you do not want to be spending your life cleaning and vacuuming, so they have designed their Navigator LiftAway Bagless vacuum cleaner to work with you and make the most arduous of chores easy and even fun.

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