Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Review

If you are looking for a top quality, durable vacuum cleaner this is not for you. But if you want a basic, light weight cleaner as a backup or for occasional use, the Dirt Devil Quick Lite plus might be just what you need.

As the name suggests, this is a small capacity, light weight Vacuum Cleaner. And at this price, it is, as you would expect, very basic.

It is designed for use in smaller living areas, such as dorms or small apartments. The motor runs to only 7 AMPS, but it still produces enough power to be effective. It works on medium and low pile carpets and rugs and on tile floors. Its wide cleaning path (11 inches) will allow you to clean up a small space quickly.

Be warned, however, this cleaner is also very noisy. So if you live in close quarters like a Dorm, an apartment with questionable sound proofing, or if you share an apartment, you will need to be very considerate when deciding when to vacuum.

I would not expect it to perform very well on shag pile or thick carpets.  But it will deal adequately with both human hair and pet hair on low or medium pile Carpet or tiled floors.

Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus- Not for Hardwood

Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Not for Hardwood

Despite the manufacturers marketing images, it is also not a vacuum for Hardwood floors. Whilst the wheels are unlikely to scratch, there is no on/off switch for the Brushroll. So scratches are likely if you use this cleaner on Hardwood.

Unlike high-end Vacuum Cleaners, this machine does NOT arrive fully assembled. You will have to put it together ,but it is a very simple assembly job. One screw and you are done basically.

It is also belt driven, and you will go through belts regularly if you use it a lot, so you might want to order a few belts when you purchase the machine as well.

The Dirt Devil Quick Lite has a 20-foot power cord and an 8-foot hose, so it can clean a 28-foot radius. This will comfortably deal with any small room. It weighs in at under 10 pounds, so it is effortless to push around and to carry upstairs as well.

One thing this inexpensive vacuum does have is the benefit of cyclonic cleaning and a basic HEPA Filter.

Unlike the more expensive cleaners, it does not come with a collection of onboard tools. What it does have is a crevice tool and a combination upholstery tool which doubles as a dusting brush.

Great value for Money

Priced at under $40 (including free shipping), this lightweight vacuum is suitable for a student in a dorm (see noise warning above). A young person in their first apartment (who probably won’t use it very often anyway). Alternatively for an older person living in a smaller home, with fewer demands and not wanting to deal with the weight of a large vacuum cleaner.

It would also be a smart choice for keeping the garage clean or to leave in your country or beach-side holiday home. Somewhere that it is used occasionally, and where you are not around to ensure the security of equipment left during your absence.

Ok, so it’s not our best vacuum for carpet, you get what you pay for. BUT at this price, it is very hard to argue about the value for money angle. It is reasonably durable, looks okay, and stores easily. It does what it is designed to do and suits the person looking for a Vacuum under $50.

I guess that’s why this vacuum cleaner scores 4 of a possible 5 stars after almost 2000 user reviews.