Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1 Lightweight Vacuum Review

Different Uses of Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1There are many doubts on small vacuum cleaners, saying that they surely cannot do the same amount of work that a larger, heavier vacuum could. It is some notion that something small cannot complete a big job and this Eureka is here to prove them all wrong. This small but mighty stick vacuum features 2 vacuums in one. In addition to its usual mode, where it cleans your floors with exceptional suction power that you would expect from a market leader like Eureka, it also has another smarter option. You can lower its telescopic handle and use the device as a handheld vacuum to clean on many levels such as detailing furniture and handling dirt above the floors.

The Eureka Easy Clean is also very easy to use. Thanks to its lightweight design of only 4.4lbs, versatility and mobility that can help you efficiently in cleaning your entire house including the tiniest of crevices. Even if you have stairs, it will be no issue to carry this petite powerhouse from the ground floor to the second or vice versa.

It carries its weight in the cleaning department as well, with an off/on switch for the rollers and powerful suction to pull up all the dust and dirt that accumulate in your home. It has a telescopic handle that lets you guide it under furniture and around it, making sure that you get everything and not leave any dirt behind.

In addition for using the vacuum to clean your furniture and carpets, it can also help most cleaning tasks you need with your bare floors. The Eureka vacuum can easily get under counters and in corners, getting down to where dust, dirt and other things linger. This is also the time to turn the brushroll off, for it not to fling or shove dirt around your bare floor. Instead it lets the vacuum suck all dirt inside and to be disposed of afterwards.  Although it really works best on carpet cleaning jobs, especially on low-pile carpets where it can remove all the dust and dirt, as well as pet hair efficiently.

And when it comes to emptying the dirt, you’d think you were doing nothing at all. It has an easy and efficient dirt cup that you simply disengage from the body of the vacuum and dump into the trash bin.  There are no bags to contend with, no advanced switches, where you have to hold more than one button at a time for your vacuum to release the dirt cup. Just a simple clip and you can dump the trash away where it belongs.

It even has eco-friendly filters, which helps us all care for our planet. These filters are washable, so once they are ready to be changed, all you have to do is give it a good rinse, and it is ready to go again.

Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1 Lightweight Vacuum, 169BIts small size also offers some great options in storage, which is perfect for small homes or apartments, where storage real estate is a precious commodity. It can easy be tucked behind a door or into a closet without obstructing or taking up too much space. While it is perfect for low pile carpets, it may not be the most ideal for deep pile carpets. For that, you will need a more powerful upright vacuum cleaner for carpet.

The main drawback is that it will not be as effective in the deep pile carpets. Its shorter power cord also limits your cleaning range and you might be forced to shift from one socket to another in a larger room. The bin also fills up fairly quickly so you will make several runs to empty it. This affordable Lightweight Vacuum from Eureka would be ideal for cleaning low-pile carpets in smaller spaces and for people who are not comfortable pushing heavier upright vacuums.

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