Miele Jazz S7280 Vacuum Cleaner Review

When it comes to domestic Electrical appliances, few companies can match the reputation enjoyed by Germany’s Miele. They are renown for quality and reliability, and the Miele Jazz S7280 Vacuum cleaner definitely maintains the standard.Miele Jazz S7280

With just one look it is obvious that this Bagged vacuum Cleaner is beautifully crafted, and is certainly not afraid to be noticed. Not so obvious is the engineering that has gone into this specialist carpet vacuum or the features. Features which certainly justify its higher than average price.

Like all great vacuum cleaners, the Miele Jazz S7280 is equipped with an active HEPA filter. Combine this with the fully sealed AirClean system and you have a machine that will capture and hold 99.9% of dust and debris. This means the cleanest possible air for you and your family.

Led HeadlightsTwo of the most striking features of this machine lie at its base. The Miele Jazz has a patented “swivel neck”. Combined with its ability to lay completely flat if needed, means you really can get under and around just about all furniture.

You will also appreciate the advanced LED headlights built into the front of the machine. These allow you to really see what needs to be vacuumed when working in darker spaces under beds, or heavy furniture.

The Jazz has no shortage of power. It can easily deal with deep down dirt, (even in thick pile carpets) with just one pass. Miele has recognized that this power can be a problem on easier jobs. So you can effortlessly select from any of 4 power settings to suit the task at hand. For a powerful vacuum, it is also surprisingly quiet, you can talk over it easily.

If you hate stopping to re-plug whilst cleaning, you are going to love the reach of the Miele Jazz S7280. It has a 39-foot electrical cord. Couple this with the 12-foot reach of its flexible hose, and you have a cleaning radius of 54 feet.

Miele Jazz S7280 makes overhead cleaning easy

Cleaning Curtains with Miele VacuumJust as the Swivel Neck makes cleaning floors easy, by allowing you to maneuver this vacuum cleaner with just the turn of a wrist. The flexible, 12-foot long hose and telescopic wand make cleaning blinds, curtains, even ceilings a breeze. Just select the correct power setting and the Jazz does the rest.

Along with the variable power options, and the effortless steering, Miele completes the user comfort with an automatic height adjustment feature. The Jazz seamlessly self-adjusts the vacuum height depending on the Carpet depth. And will adjust again to cope with the transition to hardwood or tiled surfaces.

Whilst we recommend the Jazz as a specialist Carpet Vacuum cleaner, it is also safe for your hardwood floors. The “Electrobrush” brush roll is separately powered for extra punch. You can also turn it off for the protection of your hardwood floors.

At 20 pounds, this is not a light-weight machine. You will appreciate the engineering that makes it so easy to use, right down to the reinforced and ergonomically designed handle. Of course being well engineered does not make it any easier to carry up and down stairs, so consider the weight before buying.

Apart from the weight issue, the only negative we see is the need to replace the filter each year.


On balance, this is an excellent vacuum cleaner for Carpets, moves easily to other surfaces, has all the tools needed for cleaning upholstery, curtains, etc. At 20 pounds it is not light to carry around. The asking price will be too high for some, but for a machine of this quality, it is justified.

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