ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum with Water Tank Mopping

ILIFE V5s Robot Vac UNITIf you are seeking for a robotic vacuum cleaner which is great to clean hard floors, then you should consider the ILIFE V5s robot vacuum with water tank mopping which is highly rated by its consumers.  You can get the ILIFE V5s robot vacuum for around $160 – $199 unlike other robotic vacuums which are more expensive that ranges from $300 – $400. One of the key features of the ILIFE is the water tank that brings an automatic damp moping spa for your bare floors such as wood, tile, marble and laminated floors.


Charging Station of the ILIFE V5
This is a robotic vacuum cleaner, or sometimes called robovac, so it is shaped like a large disk. The unique shape is preferred over the traditional vacuum cleaners because it is able to go underneath furniture, and it only takes a tiny amount of storage space. It runs on a battery, so you will need to have the charging station somewhere the vacuum cleaner can easily access. It has sensors so it can automatically find the charging station when it recognizes that it is running low on power. Vacuum cleaners are not necessarily known to be particularly stylish, but the ILIFE V5s has an elegant gold shiny finish on its exterior, and all of the controls are located on the top of it for an easy access, even while the cleaner is in motion.


Dust bin and Water Tank of ILIFE V5s Robot VacuumThe feature that separates the ILIFE V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the fact that it has an innovative water tank inside the device, which means it can be set to wash and dry mop hard floors. It is not a carpet shampooer, only hard floors will work with the mop feature. It also has a specially designed brush head so that it can pick up the most stubborn dirt and particles from carpet – including pet hairs. Because the vacuum cleaner is a robot and controls itself, there are clever sensors which stop it from banging into furniture, and will prevent it from flinging itself down stairs or over ledges. It is able to sense when the battery is low and will automatically get itself to the recharging station – so you never need to worry about it running out of battery. And you can set a timer so it can automatically vacuum the house while you are at work or away, and you can come home to a shiny clean house.


There is a reason why the robot vacuum cleaners have exploded in popularity, and this is because they are simply easy to use and only needs less intervention by home owners which is a good time saver. In fact, if you have the settings done correctly then the only thing you will need to do is empty the dust chamber every now and then. There are some settings that need to be entered into the cleaner, and these are simple enough – simply access the menu through the front panel and tell it what you want to do. However, there are rare times that the robot gets stuck, especially with cords or wires and other clutters in your house. But by getting rid of the clutters, the robot vacuum won’t get stuck and you will also have a much tidy home to live.



If your home is mostly composed of hard floors and you want to save time with your household chores, the ILIFE V5s robot vacuum would be a great addition to your household tools. While you are away or sleeping, the robot vacuum does it job. This makes cleaning a lot less hassle and making homes often cleaner than before. Many kids are also enjoying watching the robot vacuum as if it’s a toy. Your family will have more fun if you get the ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum with Water Tank Mopping to help with your hard floors.

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