How to Prevent Pet Hair from Ruining Your Vacuum

Dog and Vacuum

Last Updated: 8th August, 2017 Pets are such noble creatures, living alongside us people as our loyal companions and rightfully referred to by the title of “Man’s Best Friend”.If you own a pet, then you know that pet hair can be troublesome. Pet hairs are worst on

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10 Tips on How to Vacuum Efficiently

vacuuming hardwood floor with a rug

Last Updated: 8th August, 2017 Most people know and are aware how the quality of indoor air can affect the general health. One of the nation’s common chronic health conditions is Asthma. There are many substances that could aggravate allergies and could also increase asthma symptoms for

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What you are Paying for in Vacuum Cleaners

Emptying the Dust Cup of the Bissell 9595A Upright Bagless Vacuum

Last Updated: 17th October, 2017 One dilemma facing any household is the type of vacuum cleaner to buy for the house. To have a cleaner and healthier living space, regular house cleaning is really essential, especially if you have invested in a Hardwood floor or installed a

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Storage Tips for Hiding Vacuums

Vacuuming a big room

Last Updated: 8th August, 2017 If you live in a small space, with limited storage, you’re probably trying to find a place to hide your vacuum cleaner. You are definitely not alone in this! Here we have some useful storage tips for hiding vacuums. Some vacuums are

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Unexpected Ways of Using the Vacuum

Woman thinking on what vacuum cleaner to get

Last Updated: 8th August, 2017 A clever homemaker always have inventive ways of using their appliances and household items – and there are some unexpected ways of using the Vacuum too.. Your expensive Vacuum is probably standing in a corner or closet, waiting for you to take

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Common Uses for Vacuum Attachments

Man Vacuuming Hair of his Dog

Last Updated: 8th August, 2017 The attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner are designed to help you with specific tasks. But, we’re all so busy these days that many of us simply use the same one every time. Some of us simply ignore them completely. Each

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How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaners responsibly

used vacuum cleaner

Last Updated: 8th August, 2017 Tossing away a broken vacuum can be bad for our environment. There are even places where throwing an old vacuum cleaner in a dumpster is illegal. Clearly it is better to recycle vacuum cleaners. However, most of us do not have the

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Finding the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors [Infographic]

How to Find the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors - Infographic

Last Updated: 6th June, 2017 Many homeowners are choosing hardwood floors because they are more attractive than the alternatives. The next step is Finding the Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum,so that beautiful new floor can be protected.With the right vacuum, they also find they can keep their homes

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How to Control Allergens in your home

Controlling Allergens

Last Updated: 20th March, 2017 Some degree of dust buildup in our homes is almost inevitable. The dust that settles in various parts of your home may harbor tiny substances that activate wheezing or coughing. They also trigger symptoms of asthma or other allergic reactions like stuffy

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Hard Floor Cleaning Tips – Maintaining that Shiny Look

Hardwood floors

Last Updated: 24th May, 2017 Maintaining that shiny, hard floor look is every homeowner’s desire though many times the results are not easy to achieve. This is simply because of the small things we do, or in some cases fail to do. Here are some hard Floor

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