Hard Floor Cleaning Tips – Maintaining that Shiny Look

Maintaining that shiny, hard floor look is every homeowner’s desire though many times the results are not easy to achieve. This is simply because of the small things we do, or in some cases fail to do. Here are some hard Floor Cleaning Tips to help.

Hard floor Cleaning Tips
When we are not looking admiringly at our floors, we are walking on them, our children are playing on them and pets are rolling on them.

By adopting the right cleaning routines, it is possible to not only keep your hard flooring looking good, but you can also ensure its durability. Even under the constant assault of foot traffic.

Some basic hard floor Cleaning tips

Simple Care

The cleaning process should start by dusting the floor regularly with a mop treated with a dusting agent to help you pick up the loose dirt and pet hair. When vacuuming, use a floor brush attachment on your vacuum, or electric broom. Avoid a beater bar attachment which can damage the finish of a wooden floor. For small clean ups, you can also dust quickly using the disposable electrostatic cloths readily available at discount stores.

Preventive Maintenance

Hard Floor Cleaning TipsReduce your hardwood-floor cleaning time by taking steps to make floors easier to clean. Place mats inside and outside the exterior doors to capture dirt from shoes, ensuring that people entering the house bring in less debris.

Rugs may also be placed in open areas (like children play areas), and floor protectors should be placed under furniture to prevent scratching. A shoe or boot removal area should be identified to help during rainy or snowy weather. Water from boots may also occasionally damage the flooring.

Deep Cleaning

There are certain substances that may not be removed by daily or weekly cleaning. These include oil, dirt and grime which, over time gather on vulnerable surfaces and will require more intensive cleaning.

This type of cleaning should ideally be done in the spring or just before your winter holidays. Visit your discount store and buy a wood cleaning product. Be careful to dilute it according to instructions on the label to avoid damaging the hardwood floors. Use a moist mop, not a wet one, when cleaning hardwood surfaces. Make sure no standing water is left on the surface after you are done with the cleaning.

Removal of Marks

basic Hard Floor Cleaning TipsTo effectively remove any marks on your flooring, you need to know your floor’s type of finish.

Stains that ordinarily appear on the surface are usually associated with hard finishes like urethane. A soft oiled finish will ordinarily have dirt penetrating deep inside. This is common in old houses where floors may have been refinished and resealed. The rule is to never use abrasive cleaners. Instead, use a soft clean cloth on hard finishes. Using scourers or other harsh chemicals may permanently damage your flooring and increase maintenance costs.

Hardwood floors with soft oil finishes on the other hand will require different treatments, which ideally should end by staining and waxing the wood. Once treated, buff off the affected spot to match the rest of the floor surface. Remove spots with steel wool, applying small quantities of vinegar. Odorless mineral spirits also help. .

Make every effort to keep rainwater off your floor by closing windows in rainy weather and attend to any leaks promptly. Place rugs or runners in areas of high traffic to reduce wear and avoid your floor having inconsistent colors that result in high wear zones.

Follow these simple hard floor cleaning tips and you can extend the lie of your floors, and avoid expensive repairs

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