How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaners responsibly

How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaners responsiblyTossing away a broken vacuum can be bad for our environment. There are even places where throwing an old vacuum cleaner in a dumpster is illegal. Clearly it is better to recycle vacuum cleaners. However, most of us do not have the skills or time to break the cleaner down into its re-usable components. Given that most of us do not even know what are these bits are made of, how can we responsibly dispose of our unwanted vacuums?

How to recycle Vacuum Cleaners

One of the best ways to dispose of and recycle a broken vacuum is by selling it. If you use sites like eBay, you might get lucky, sell it, and bank some extra cash. Even if it’s a minimal price, its still better than nothing at all.

Another good way is to consider making a donation. Be charitable, it’s better to give than to receive. There are charities that accept household items. Often you can just leave your donated goods at the curbside for them to pick. Hassle free. If you can’t find any curbside pick up in your area, why not consider doing some more research. These comprehensive sites that should be able to help you be more ecologically savvy:

The Thrift Shopper – A one stop directory of your local Goodwill stores and other thrift shopping needs.  You can find listings of national charity resale and secondhand shops.

Earth 911 – A site where you can search for numerous recycling centers, which also includes the places where you can recycle used metals, papers and household chemicals as well.

Your Local Religious Organization ­– There are many churches and mosques that accept your kind donations. You can simply ask any member of the organization if they will accept used vacuum cleaners as donations.

Around 90 percent of the materials used in electrical appliances are recyclable. The plastics can be recycled in producing outdoor furniture, dashboards for cars, plastic plant pots and more. While the metal used from the machine can make new metal items. Most local authorities now have systems in place to break down your machine, and sell the components for recycling.

Before we recycle Vacuum cleaners we can also consider:

Repairing Your Vacuum Cleaner

The most common problems with vacuum cleaners are not harmful. Many of us can repair a broken or loose belt, or a clogged vacuum. Instead of discarding it, try fixing it yourself by replacing belts or filters. You can get help from online tutorials, and by calling the manufacturer to ask for advice.

Repairers associated with your local retailer can repair loose wires and carry out other minor fixes. These are usually an inexpensive repair. They might also offer you with discounts if ever you decide to buy another vacuum cleaner from them. You may be able to trade your old vacuum in exchange for a discount, and see it repaired and offered for sale again. This is just as eco-friendly, as donating vacuums to the charity.

Maintain your Vacuum Cleaner

How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaners responsiblyThere is a saying that the “best offense is the best defense”. Doing proper maintenance of your vacuum will lead to a longer life span for your cleaner. Its wise to keep the product manual in a place where you can easily find it. It will help you identify and address any mechanical problems if they should occur. Fortunately, many manufacturers now provide their manuala as a .pdf file so that you can easily access them through the internet.

If ever you need more information on fixing your vacuum, there’s also a ton of information or tutorials found online about fixing certain vacuum models. With extra research, you can also find hotlines that you can call and emails to contact. But you have to know your vacuum’s brand and model in order to do these recommendations.

Buy Durable Vacuum Cleaners

Consider investing in a high quality vacuum cleaner in the first place. There are many trusted brands nowadays such as Dyson, Miele, Hoover, Bissel, Shark and many more. They will be more expensive than other brands, but they offer longer warranties. Plus, you will enjoy the benefits of higher cleaning performance because  they feature the latest vacuum technologies. This is a far more sustainable option, than buying a cheaply manufactured vacuum cleaner which is really not designed to last.

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