Our Robot Vacuums buying guide

Robot Vacuums buying guideWelcome to our overview in the form of our Robot Vacuums buying Guide.

Robotic vacuums are small, independent devices with inbuilt suction to clean specific places at regular intervals.Many robot vacuums  have numerous inbuilt cleaning patterns for various levels of cleaning.

Models with sensors that can map out the rooms and ensure consistent, thorough cleaning are more expensive.

They can also be programmed to return to their charging dock when the device is low on power. Here we look at more important features that will help you buy a robot vacuum to suit your cleaning needs.

The Basics

In order to select the right vacuum cleaner, you need to begin by looking at the 3 basic components of your home. Consider the size of your home. Larger homes tend to require a more powerful and larger upright vacuum for a more complete cleaning solution.

Next, you need to think about stairs. If you have a multi-level home, you should consider the smaller robot vacuums. In addition, think about the surface of the floor. Multi-surface homes will need one that is able to adapt to various types of flooring such as carpets to hardwood floors.

Buying a new vacuum cleaner is not something that you do each day, so it is worth investing in a quality product that can clean your home well and will last for a long time.

Robot Vacuums Buying Guide

Features to lookout for

After looking at the basic components of your home – the stairs, size, and surface of the floor – think about your personal lifestyle needs to help you identify which robot vacuum is best for you.

Allergies –

If seasonal sensitivity to mites and dust, or allergies is one of your problems, there are choices that can be helpful. You would want to select a vacuum cleaner that is HEPA certified. Make sure that you clean and/or change the filter on a 6 monthly cycle. On the other hand, if you have a more severe allergy, change it even more often. Also consider HEPA filters that can be washed to save money.

Remote control –

Most of the models come with a remote control for directing the vacuum all throughout the room. However, if you have to be there anyway, to direct the robot, it might be better to get off the couch and clean with a normal vacuum cleaner instead.

Programmable times –

This function is extremely handy, as it will enable you to set times of the day for the robot vacuum to run, for example – you program the machine to run only when you are not home.

Navigation –

Most of the robot vacuums are now using a navigation system for mapping the room that they will clean. This  creates the most efficient route for cleaning. The selected route is reducing the cleaning time, but making sure that the vacuum still gets into all necessary places as it cleans.

There are several robot vacuum cleaners which are able to return to their starting base, as needed to recharge. An awesome feature to look for.

Spot cleaning –

Your robot vacuum should be able to clean up any unexpected messes quickly, using a spot cleaning mode. It’s much more convenient to select a robot vacuum with this feature. It enables you to just set the vacuum down and choose the mode. Then the Robot goes to work just cleaning a small area of your room. There are models that even have sensors with the capability of detecting when a floor area is specifically dirty, giving more time to clean that area.



Scheduling system –

Only a limited number of robot vacuum cleaners have a scheduling system. Its definitely worth considering while shopping. The great thing in robot vacuums that have these features is that it allows you to decide when your vacuum cleans. You make sure that it operates at the most convenient time to clean your room.

Stair detection and transitioning –

Robot vacuum cleaners that have transitioning technology features are able to move between hard-surface floors and carpet easily. They work via a sensor that detects the type of floor that it’s cleaning, and the device will adjust it’s route to clean each floor more effectively. Plus, they can sense obstacles, stairs, and all other hazards, and the device will avoid those. With this, you can keep your home in order and your vacuum stays safe.


Generally, robots are quieter when compared to bigger uprights and canisters. However there are few vacuum robots which make an annoying high-pitched whistle. Some others also make a mechanical grinding noise. Perhaps sound is not the most significant feature if the robot primarily runs while you are away, but if you want it to work while you sleep it is a different story.

Robot Vacuums buying guideCharging – When the battery charge is low, the robot will find its way back to the charger and then dock automatically. You need to find one that has this feature for convenience.

Virtual wall –

There are robot vacuums that have virtual walls. These are  used for making an invisible barrier or boundary to block off open doorways or other areas that you do not want the device to enter.

Adjustable speed –

Different cleaning necessities call for different cleaning speeds and your robot vacuum needs to make it easy for you. A slower speed allows for vacuuming rooms thoroughly. On the other hand, faster speeds can be great when want to do a quick cleanup but still with great results.

Decision Making

You need to first assess your needs. Set your budget, and see what is out there. What are the usual market prices and can you get a better unit at specific times thanks to discounts and sales. Check on the levels of customer service, and find out how many years the warranty runs.

Most of all, along with points raised in our Robot Vacuums buying guide, consider if a robot vacuum cleaner can actually do the job that you want. No matter how well you buy, its only a great deal if your new Robot Vacuum Cleaner can meet that test

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