Storage Tips for Hiding Vacuums

Vacuuming a big roomIf you live in a small space, with limited storage, you’re probably trying to find a place to hide your vacuum cleaner. You are definitely not alone in this! Here we have some useful storage tips for hiding vacuums.

Some vacuums are made with detachable parts, which makes them easily fit into small cupboards. Fifty years ago people were struggling with this problem and looking for ways to store their vacuum cleaners between uses. Dr. Virginia Trotter and Alice Burton, two well-known educators, came up with the idea of placing a large hook on the back of a cupboard door. This hook could be used for hanging the head attachment or long hose of the vacuum.

Things have progressed since then, and now there are specialty items available to solve this problem. You can find a very handy gadget, such as a vacuum hose holder on These keep vacuum cleaner hoses hidden and out of sight when your vacuum isn’t being used.

Amazon also has storage units specifically made for vacuum cleaners and other cleaning items. These units fit easily inside a thin kitchen cupboard.

Most vacuum cleaners lay flat, making it easy to store under a bed or even a sink when not in use. When it’s needed, you can just roll it out.

Another option for those with limited closet space is to hang fewer clothes, and fold them instead. Once folded them in drawers or on closet shelves. This way, you free up more closet space, making room for your vacuum cleaner, while keeping your shirts, workout clothes and shorts neatly folded.

In terms of the size of your vacuum, Colmar Brunton conducted studies this year on behalf of Canstar Blue. The study showed that the people who owned Dyson vacuums seemed to be the happiest with the overall size of the vacuum, saying it wasn’t too big nor was it too small.

If the upright vacuums you’ve seen are too big for the space you have and a handheld seems too small, you might want to think about a robot vacuum. These are small in size and flat, which makes them very easy to store. Robot vacuums also do the work for you. It’s always good to have one less job to do.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Storage Places

Garage: This is where everything else goes that won’t fit inside the house or condo. If the garage is attached or close by, just keep it there. Make sure it has it’s own spot because you don’t want it getting lost in all the clutter.

Kitchen: Do you have any pantry space? Is there an extra or odd-shaped cabinet? There’s a good chance you can fit your vacuum inside a tall cabinet. Try mounting a hook for the hose and other attachments.

Closet: You probably have a hall closet, utility closet or broom closet that’s being underused somewhere. If so, with a little rearranging your vacuum cleaner can fit in there.

Mudroom or laundry room:This is where all the other dirty things seem to go, so it’ll work fine for the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning supplies and other cleaning tools can be kept there as well!

On the wall: You can use a wall on the back of whatever storage area you’ve chosen. Place the vacuum cleaner on a hook directly facing the door, so it’s easy to grab and pull out and easy to place back on the wall. With a hook in the right place, you can free up floor space and now you’re set.

There are also some tricks to hiding Vacuums when you don’t have a closet. Hiding the vacuum behind the curtains might be your best bet.

How about you, where do you keep your vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment? Comment below.


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