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Looking for a new vacuum Cleaner?

I found the fastest and easiest way to buy a vacuum cleaner near me.

In fact, I didn’t even need to leave home, and you can’t get much “nearer me”, than that.

It’s dead easy. Instead of wasting hours getting to the mall, dealing with traffic, car parking, babysitters, and crowds I got the very best advice, a massive range to choose from, and almost immediate home delivery.

Not to mention better prices than any of my local retailers were offering.

The other thing is, instead of a salesman trying to have me buy what he has on the floor, I got independent advice and honest opinions from people who already bought what I was looking at.

Vacuum Cleaner near me.

I will go into more detail below but depending on which type of cleaner you are after, you can just click on one of these links and get it done.

1. Carpet Vacuum Cleaner Near me

2. Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner Near me

3.Hard surface Vacuum Cleaner Near me

4. Best all-rounder Vacuum Cleaner Near me

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for me?

It’s best to start thinking about a Vacuum from the standpoint of what surfaces you need to clean. Not from the position of “I want a new Upright vacuum”, or a new “Cyclonic Vacuum” etc. Simply because the technology in vacuum cleaners has been changing rapidly of late. What you “think you need” might no longer be the best solution at all. Let’s take a quick look at the options from that perspective first.

Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets.

Hoover UH72400 WindTunnel Air Steerable Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner near meCarpets are probably the most difficult thing to clean properly. All the dirt, dust hair etc get down into the pile of the Carpet very quickly. When most of us think of Vacuum cleaners, we think of them “sucking” the dirt up. With Carpets, there is another critical factor ahead of the suction.

A great carpet vacuum cleaner needs three things:

  • A vacuum head with a great Brush, preferably a powered one. This brush literally digs down into the Carpet fibers, dragging out the dirt so the suction can take it away.
  • It needs great suction that does not fall as the dirt storage container fills.
  • And it needs great Filtration so that the dirt is not released back into the air you breathe.

That is the core of it. After that are the question about the physical shape and size of the cleaner. It’s accessories, cord length, and a host of other specifics that will lead to your final choice.


Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Vacuum Cleaner near me

This category crosses over all of the others.

If you have pets inside your home, they will add another layer to the cleaning task. We all love our pets, but they will leave behind both discarded hair, and dead skin cells (dander). These not only look messy, they represent a health hazard.

Pet hair etc, triggers allergic reactions in many people, along with Asthma attacks. Getting it off your floors and furniture as regularly and completely as possible is essential. The problem here is twofold,

  • firstly the pet dirt gets into and through carpets and furniture fabrics and is difficult to remove
  • secondly, the Dander is so fine, that you need a really top quality filtration system to get it out of the air and keep it out.

So like Carpet vacuums, the beater heads, Suction and Filtration are the keys, but a good pet vacuum is like a quality Carpet Vacuum on Steroids.

Not only that but if you take your pets in the Car, you need the same power there. That means a maneuverable, perhaps even a hand held unit to get the car clean as well.

Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)-Vacuum Cleaner near meAnother area where a little knowledge is invaluable.

If you have Hard surfaces, especially expensive hardwood floors this is critical., the power head that we looked at as essential in a Carpet vacuum cleaner become a liability. Those heads have strong, coarse brushes that spin at high speed, to dig into and remove the dirt from carpets. With hard floors, those same brushes can scuff, or erode the finish of your floor.

The power head that we looked at as essential in a Carpet cleaner becomes a liability. Those heads have strong, coarse brushes that spin at high speed, to dig into and remove the dirt from carpets. With hard floor vacuums, those same brushes can scuff, or erode the finish of your floor.

The second thing with hardwood and the greatest fear of Hardwood Floor owners is the risk of Scratching. If the wheels under the vacuum are hard plastic or metal and do not have a soft, rubberized outer surface they will almost certainly lead to Scratches.

Finally, whilst the Vacuum head cannot use thick, fast-moving brush rolls, they do need a soft brush surround so that no metal touches you floor during use, otherwise more scratches will inevitably occur.


Dealing with a combination

Many of us have both Carpets and hard surfaces to deal with. In that case, you need the protected wheels, and the vacuum head that beats the dirt from Carpets also needs an on/off switch. This lets you turn off that dangerous Brush-roll as you move on to the hard surfaces.

Vacuum Cleaner Styles

Once you have decided on your priorities in terms of “use”, we can think about the Style and size of cleaner you want.

dyson v6 motor head charging station Vacuum Cleaner near meYou can choose a traditional Upright cleaner, which tends to be larger, and noisier but very effective on Carpet.

Then there are the Canister style cleaners, with solid plastic dirt collection bins and more maneuverability than most uprights.

There are cordless, battery-powered, handheld vacuums, and wands, with the power to handle the small jobs, and the car. Some even have Cyclonic designs which really separate the dirt from the air, and allow for greater filtration.

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaner near me

If you have a smaller space or a home without stairs, you can also choose to install a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Something like the iRobot has a wall-mounted charging dock that it returns to as needed.

This acts as both a charger and storage.

It runs on a pre-determined cleaning cycle that you program in.

Staying within the area you define, and it can even wash your hard surfaces for you, without you lifting a finger.


So back to the kid selling vacuum cleaner near me, in the local Mall.

He is unlikely to know all of this anyway. He is unlikely to have used all of these types of cleaners, or to have used them on the types of surfaces they were specifically designed for. He is certainly not going to be able to give you an honest assessment of all the brands and models, based on how they all performed, over time, in his home. And he is only going to offer you the brand he is paid to sell.

So much for the retailer trying to sell a vacuum cleaner near me.

I found all of this information and more without leaving home. I bought the perfect vacuum to deal with pet hair, carpets, and my hardwood floors.
Best of all it was delivered the following day, almost as fast as if I had wasted all that time, and bought the wrong one from the retailer offering the best deal on a Vacuum cleaner near me.

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