What you are Paying for in Vacuum Cleaners

One dilemma facing any household is the type of vacuum cleaner to buy for the house. To have a cleaner and healthier living space, regular house cleaning is really essential, especially if you have invested in a Hardwood floor or installed a wood burner or Pellet Stove.

For most of us, when buying items, we tend to rely more on our perceptions than we do solid facts. We really should consider the best features of a product and whether or not it is fit for the intended function. Often the retail sales people don’t help much either.

Emptying the Dust Cup of the Bissell 9595A Upright Bagless VacuumMarketers privately rely on the fact that most consumers are ignorant of key factors, but that need not apply to you. You can avoid falling prey to the marketing spin, by being armed with a few facts, and you can make the perfect choice of your new vacuum cleaner.


Vacuums may be bagged or bagless, meaning they either have an on-board bin or use bags that collect the dust. In modern vacuum cleaners, both are easy to empty, without releasing allergens back into your home.

A bagless cleaner may be more expensive, but will save you money over time. In most cases the bags used on cleaners are disposable. This means you will need to periodically purchase bags. Many manufacturers also give instructions on exclusive use of their own bags, making replacements hard to find or more expensive. So a bagless cleaner, whilst more expensive may be a better choice in the long run.


Some vacuums have more highly developed filters than others. For example, those which offer HEPA filter technology will cost you more but do a far more efficient job of cleaning the air you breathe. Similar Vacuum cleaners, without HEPA filters, will cost you less.

Choosing the right Head

vacuum cleaner on carpet cleaningVacuum cleaners can have power heads or turbo heads. A turbo head may not be very effective as it uses the airflow created by the Vacuum to help operate the brush. By comparison, a power head has a motor built into the device, which makes it far more effective in the removal of dust and dirt. Again the more effective Power Head will cost more than a normal turbo head.

Included Tools

If you are buying a vacuum cleaner, the cost of the tools will often be bundled into the pricing. It is important to have a nozzle that gets into crevices, to help you clean in tight corners and around chair cushions. A brush for curtains and soft furnishings, and a brush for dusting will offer additional functionality. You will need to find out if these tools come with your purchase or if they are extras you need to purchase separately.

Miele Automatic Height Adjustment

Adjustable wand

This will assist you in adjusting the length to match your stature, avoiding any discomfort while cleaning. It would be desirable to test this feature to be sure of comfortable operation, before purchase. Some vacuums do not have this feature.

Variable head height

Helps with carpets of different heights, or when changing from carpet to Hardwood floors.

Adjustable suction

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel 5 height adjustment settingsThis is a control that assists you to reduce the suction. It helps you clean diverse surfaces such as hard floors and carpeting. Less sophisticated vacuums will not have this feature and should cost less. Look out for this for greater convenience.

Dustbag indicator

Ensure this feature is available to help you know the dust bag is full. Without it, you will need to manually open the device to check.

Reverse air flow

If you can get a vacuum cleaner with a blower, to help you blow dirt off selected surfaces, you have a more flexible and therefore more useful cleaner.

Storage for accessories on-board.

A good vacuum cleaner should come with a easy, on-board storage of the smaller cleaning accessories.

Stowing the Wand

Being able to attach the wand to the cleaner for storage means everything stays in one place. Much neater in your closet or laundry.

HEPA filter

For those with allergies, this high-efficiency particulate air filter helps capture small particles and is ideal for those who are asthmatic or have dust allergies. However it needs regular replacement to work efficiently and may be expensive in the long run.


Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum CleanerAlthough there are hundreds of vacuum cleaners costing between $30 -$50 out there. You might also find a durable cleaner that works effectively is more likely around $100

Those with higher costs,$300, $400 – $500 will include more of the features listed above, and will provide a superior result. These will go for several years without maintenance giving you peace of mind. Of course the high end options can go for in excess of $1,000.

You will want to avoid the cheaply priced vacuum cleaners. These will need to be replaced after only a few months of use.

It’s worth noting that if you have high pile carpets, a vacuum cleaner that affords you a manual adjustment of height is the most ideal.

Availability of Replacement Parts

You will need to look for a vacuum cleaner whose lifespan can be easily extended with a few cheap replacement parts. Better to spend a few dollars to have it run again instead off spending another $500 for a new vacuum when something simple goes wrong.

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