Deciding Between Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

choosing between bag or bagless vacuum cleanersYou’re now in the market for a new top quality vacuum cleaner, how do you know which type would be best? Should you go for bag or bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

Well, we’re here with the answers so you won’t be sitting on the fence for for long, we promise! Advertising and marketing campaigns today often appear to be hyping the “bagless” type. The the implication being that these are more modern and that vacuum cleaners with bags are archaic. They also emphasize that the bags must be continually replaced, adding to the cost. The truth is that both types have advantages and disadvantages. Both must still be cleaned and filters changed on occasion to maintain their suction.

Choosing between Bag or Bagless vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners with Bags

Pros of Bags

  • You can empty them more easily,with a lot less mess.
  • Bags have sliding seals that you slide into place. This keeps dirt, dust and debris inside the bag when being removed so there is little or no spillage.
  • You put the Bag right into the trash bin, making this type better for someone suffering from allergies.
  • Most bags are biodegradable, even if they aren’t recyclable.
  • As you are changing the bag out, you’re actually refreshing the majority of the vacuum’s filtering system.
  • A vacuum bag is quite a bit larger in size than the dust collector in some bagless vacuums. So the bag doesn’t need to be replaced as often as the dust collector or container needs emptying.

Cons of Bags

  • If your bag is full and you’ve run out of spares, it’s an inconvenience.
  • The ongoing expense of buying bags.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Pros of Bagless

  • Most are clear plastic. You will see if something accidentally got sucked up into the vacuum, and then easily retrieve it.
  • The dirt, dust and debris can easily be disposed of in the back garden or a compost bin, if you don’t want it going into the trash.
  • There are no vacuum cleaner bags to buy, so this saves you money.

Cons of Bagless

  • While your are emptying the dirt, debris from a bagless vacuum, it’s very easy for allergens to be released into the air.
  • The main filter must be either cleaned or frequently replaced, which can be a bother as well as a hidden cost.

Trend Toward Eco-friendly Vacuums

With the trend toward sustainable living, manufacturers are making their vacuums more eco-friendly. They are doing this in part by installing recyclable parts. But one way to measure true sustainability is to determine whether the vacuum cleaner is still working well, after being used for several years. I am sure you prefer to change a few parts rather than buy a new vacuum Cleaner. Also keeping it going is much more sustainable.

A site recently conducted a product reliability survey on vacuum cleaners. Two brands in particular emerged as the most reliable, and one of them is Dyson. Nearly everyone owning these two brands told them they would definitely purchase the exact same brand of vacuum again.

Most of the other brands on the survey rated reasonably well in terms of reliability. And as expected, some rated quite a bit lower, with one-third of people owning those brands declaring they would never buy this brand of vacuum again.

Whether you prefer, bag or bagless vacuum cleaners, with a wise selection you can take pride in the fact that you’re keeping your house clean and Healthy!

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