bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

bObi Pet Vacuum TouchMe texture SurfaceIf you’re looking for a hands free vacuum cleaner that is great for removing pet hair, dirt and dust on your floor. This is where the b0bi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes in; you will no longer have to spend hours attempting to make your home free of pet hair, dust and dirt. This marvellous robot will do most of the work for you whilst you sit back and relax!  B0bi have managed to fit all this helpful features into a small and compact, yet stylish robotic vacuum cleaner!


The b0bi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a light-weight machine, at only 10 lbs not that it matters much when it is a robotic cleaner, but you will need to carry it upstairs and to various rooms. The robot has been specifically designed to eliminate those paw prints and keep your home clean and fresh by removing pet hair and other unwanted dirt, dust and debris. The vacuum is also made using an original silicon formula, making it pleasant to touch. At 12.6 by 3.4 inches it is small, which gives it the ability to easily clean hard to reach places such as under furniture.

Using bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum CleanerWhilst most vacuums will only do the basics, b0bi goes a step further and performs multiple tasks at any one time. This robotic vacuum cleaner stands out from other vacuums, not only does it perform 5 tasks simultaneously including mopping, air purification, sweeping, UV sterilization and vacuuming. It also performs these tasks at the same standard as a vacuum that was designed specifically for just one of those functions. This makes it one of the most efficient robot pet vacuums.  The robotic vacuum has been fitted with over 80 sensors that automatically detect furniture or other objects that are obstructing the robots path. And with its RoHS certification, the machine is free of host of potentially harmful substances.


  • A wireless remote can be used to control the pet vacuum and select different cleaning modes.
  • Touch screen. You can select three different options located on the robot itself.
  • When the vacuum reaches 15% battery load, it will automatically retreat to its docking station to recharge.
  • Has a nice TouchMe texture
  • Large battery that lasts in excess of an hour and a half.
  • The dustbin is washable and submergible
  • Multi-tasking, b0bi can perform 5 tasks at any one time. These include sweeping, vacuuming, UV sterilisation, mopping and HEPA filtration.
  • Eighty highly responsive touch sensors accompanied by infrared edge sensors designed to stop b0bi bumping into things.
  • Multi-tier brushes to maximise b0bi’s effect and to clean hard to reach places.
  • The robot comes with a b0bi bl0ck. The b0bi bl0ck is designed to make b0bi avoid entering certain places.


bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum CleanerThe b0bi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is exceptionally easy to use given that the user only needs to clean the robot and make sure b0bi knows where to go! The user must set the parameters for the robot and tell it where to go, and provide a house plan. The robot vacuum can then make its way back to its dock when low on battery. You can set up times for b0bi to clean and you can make sure it avoids certain places! Once b0bi is set up you don’t have to do much except occasionally press a few buttons, either on the wireless remote or on the unit. The robot’s bob sweep is incredible at handling pet hair, as well as human hair.


After reviewing all aspects of the b0bi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner it is clear that the robotic vacuum cleaner is convenient and user friendly. It is especially useful for those who have pets who shed a lot of hair, fur or dander. It will clean any floors and free your house of dust, dirt and debris making your home much cleaner with minimal effort on your part. A downside of bObi is its brush that may wear out faster. Another drawback is that this being a robotic vacuum, once in a blue moon that bObi can’t find its way back to the charging dock. It is a machine after all. The bin being smaller also needs frequent emptying. Overall, this is a nice convenient vacuum for pet hair.

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