BISSELL 9595A Upright Vacuum with OnePass Review

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePassThe BISSELL 9595A Bagless Upright Vacuum is a quality and affordable vacuum cleaner that is made for consumers who doesn’t want to spend too much on a vacuum but still wants the benefits of a good vacuum cleaner to do household chores easier. This vacuum cleaner is a quality, lightweight cleaning equipment that is suitable for every room in the house, and because of the inclusion of different accessories, there will not be a surface or area that the vacuum cleaner cannot effectively clean. BISSELL understands that your time is precious and that you will not want to be wasting too much time cleaning, so they have designed a quick and effective vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and maintain.


The BISSELL Bagless Upright Vacuum is a quality and flexible upright vacuum. It has a useful design that it can actually be pulled apart for easy storage and portability – the handle and dirt tank detach and simply click back when it is time for vacuuming.

Emptying the Dust Cup of the Bissell 9595A Upright Bagless VacuumIt is a corded vacuum so it does need to be connected to a power point in order to work, and the 25 foot cord is not retractable, so rather than pushing a button you simply need to roll it up and hang it on the hook on the front of the appliance. In addition, using an extension cord would be useful as you are limited to about 25 feet cleaning radius.

This is a bagless type of vacuum, meaning that rather than using disposable bags, whatever you are vacuuming gets sucked into the dirt tank, plus you can actually see the dirt and particles billowing around once sucked up. This is beneficial as you will be able to easily see if you have inadvertently vacuumed something that you were not supposed to.

The overall design also makes for easy handling. As it is an upright vacuum there is a single handle at the top which easily and efficiently controls the unit when moving around while vacuuming. It is completely flexible at the base which allows it to be made almost completely horizontal – perfect for getting under low tables and beneath other pieces of furniture.


This vacuum cleaner is packed with features, the most notable of which is the OnePass Technology. It is called one pass simply because it uses an innovative brush combined with higher suction power which means that more dirt and dust is collected on its initial pass. So you will not need to go over the same spot more often, which will make your cleaning job quicker and easier. Another great feature of this vacuum cleaner is the fact that since it does not use bags, everything that is collected is stored in a dirt tank – and this tank is specially designed to be easy to open and avoid the contents from going back into the air or onto the ground.

It comes with a few useful attachments as standard which will mean that any cleaning job can be completed with ease. These attachments include a tube extension for reaching the hard to reach spots, a dusting brush, turbo brush for the stubborn dirt and a crevice tool which is perfect for use on furniture and car seats. It also has a HEPA filter assuring you of cleaner air inside your home.


It is very easy to use, there are no complicated buttons or switches. The entire device is in a single piece and nothing needs to be done in order to store it (simply leave it upright in a cupboard or storage area). The head of the vacuum is thicker than some of the competition so while it does go nearly horizontal, it will not fit under lower objects – however there is an additional tube extension which is smaller and easier to manoeuvre.

The BISSELL 9595A vacuum also works better on carpeted floors than on hard floors because there is no way of turning off the rotating brush. There is a dusting brush accessory however it is not suitable for large floor areas (designed more for tops of cabinets and other furniture).

The vacuum cleaner is surprisingly lightweight so can be easily carried up stairs and can be easily manoeuvred around corners with ease – no heavy lugging required as there is no bulky canister to drag around.



While it may not be as powerful as some of the higher priced vacuum brands on the market, but with its value and price makes it one of the most competitive vacuum cleaners for everyday day use on cleaning large carpeted areas without breaking the bank.

Consumers praised the 5 height adjustments that the Bissell vacuum offers in order to tackle various carpet piles, making the machine much easier to push and pull around when cleaning carpets. Together with the included accessories, you will surely get the best bang for your buck if you choose the Bissell 9595A Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

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