Eureka Airspeed Vacuum cleaner review

If you are looking for a Bagless, upright vacuum suitable for both Carpets and Hardwood floors, the budget priced Eureka Airspeed might be just what you need. You can buy this powerful cleaner for just over $100.

According to the manufacturer, this vacuum has a very direct air path, meaning there are fewer bends to reduce air movement. This allows more air to flow through the cleaner. And because the distance from the floor to dirt cup is shorter, the vacuum develops and maintains stronger suction.

With the Brushroll on, you can efficiently deep carpets and rugs. Turn the control knob to “Tools” to use the 12-foot long stretch hose with the crevice tool, or dusting brush. For upholstery cleaning hook up the Turbo Nozzle.

Eureka Airspeed has a 39 foot cleaning Radius

With the 12-foot stretch hose, the 27-foot long cord and wand, you have a cleaning radius of 39 feet, so everything is within reach. Whilst we are talking about the electrical cord, it effortlessly rewinds into a container on the side of the cleaner at the push of a button.
Eureka Airspeed Blue
Simply turn a dial to select from the 5 cleaning heights, and move easily from carpet to polished hardwood floors by turning off the Brushroll avoiding scratches on the timber surface. The Eureka Airspeed has rubber wheels, soft enough to allow the cleaner to move on hardwood floors without damaging the surface as well.

To clean stairs, upholstery or drapes, combine the stretch hose and onboard turbo nozzle.This vacuum effortlessly picks up the dirt that my kids bring in, and handles the hair our dogs leave behind too.

Clear, easy to empty bin

Because the collection cup is clear plastic, I can see when it gets time to empty it. With the two clips, it literally takes seconds to drop the collected dirt from the bottom of the container into the bin, reassemble, and go again.

Eureka Upright GreenCleaning under furniture is easy too because the vacuum pivots further than most. It does not go all the way to the Eureka Bagless Vacuum - Copper ground, but close enough. I certainly have no trouble vacuuming under our beds.

I did read some comments, complaining that this Eureka Airspeed model was not as good as earlier models, but I certainly have not had an issue with it. Apart from the fact that it is pretty noisy, which does not really bother me. Basically, I know that when I turn on a Vacuum it is going to be the only thing I can hear, and in that sense, it is no different to using any other vacuum cleaner really.

I find it easy to maneuver, the onboard tools are convenient, the turbo brush on the nozzle works well, and the cleaning radius is more than enough for my needs.

The base is around 13 inches square and it’s over 40 inches tall, so like my earlier uprights it certainly takes up some space in my closet to store away, but for $100 it is a very serviceable vacuum for carpets and hardwood floors.

Not that it matters much to me, but unlike other cleaners, this one comes in three colors, (blue, copper, green). For what it’s worth I went with the copper one, but the blue looked pretty good too.

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