Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Vacuum (NV501) Review

Woman using the Shark Rotator Lift-Away in Cleaning CarpetIf you are like millions of other homeowners, the constant struggle to keep carpets clean is a common aspect to keep home clean and safe, free from dirt and dust that might affect the health of the family. Our number 1 choice for best vacuum for carpets is the Dyson DC65 Animal. Although it is quite expensive, but not to worry as our 2nd ranked vacuum cleaner is not too expensive and still delivers amazing results when it comes to cleaning carpet and bare floors as well.The Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away could be the vacuum you seek.

This model, coming from the renowned Shark line of vacuums, comes with several amazing features to help you keep your home clean and your family safe from harmful particles. Anti-allergen seals are built into this vacuum, so that all the dirt, dust and other bits you get up with the vacuum stays in the vacuum, not spread out into the air. It has HEPA filter for protection and insurance that the dust won’t settle down in your home that you and your family might breath in.

It features 3 vacuums in one, you can use it as a powerful upright for cleaning large areas of carpets, or as a portable lift away to easily clean stairs or for above the surface cleaning, or as wheeled canister for cleaning bare floors such as hardwood floor.

The Shark Rotator vacuum cleans carpet deep well, getting out dirt and dust embedded deep down your carpet, making it look and feel like it was good as brand new. You can enjoy knowing that you aren’t just removing the surface dirt and are giving your carpets a real deep clean. Its unique swivel allows you to navigate around furniture and obstacles quite easily. You can clean your home with ease as this vacuum is relatively easy to push and very versatile with many attachments and accessories for any cleaning tasks you may have.

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And if you have pets, the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away has you covered too. With a pet power brush and a wider pet upholstery brush, you can get up all the hair and dander from your beloved pets, no matter where they choose to sit. The allergen filters also capture that dander, reducing any allergies that you or your household may have by reducing the cause of the problem. The nozzle also has LED lights built in so that you can clearly see if you have gotten the dust, even in the darkest of corners or under the cabinet.Shark Rotator NV501 Professional Lift-Away

Another awesome feature of this vacuum is its versatility. It can be used on carpet, as stated above, and on bare floors, eliminating the need for the bending and discomfort of sweeping your hardwood and tile floors. This saves you time and helps to keep your home clean and comfortable so that you can enjoy it, rather than spend all your time cleaning home.

With its 30 foot power cord, you can cover large rooms with ease without having to switch between power outlets to clean carpets. This lightweight vacuum is also great for homes with stairs, with a crevice tool to clean carpeted stairs. At 16lbs, it is also not too heavy that it is a chore by itself to carry upstairs to clean the rest of your home. It is easily transported before floors so that you know that your whole home has deeply cleaned, renewed carpets.

Just like all vacuum cleaners have its flows. The caddy of the Shark Rotator could be heavy to pull around as a wheeled canister. The flexible hose is stiff and not that stretchy, and you also might need more room to store its attachments and accessories. But with many positive reviews coming from its consumers, the Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Vacuum comes highly recommended for cleaning carpets!

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