Common Uses for Vacuum Attachments

The attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner are designed to help you with specific tasks. But, we’re all so busy these days that many of us simply use the same one every time. Some of us simply ignore them completely. Each was intended to help you get the most out of your Vacuum Cleaner. If you would like to know what they were designed for, here are the basics uses for vacuum attachments. We have also added a few they may not have considered.

Uses for Vacuum Attachments-The Common ones

If your vacuum cleaner came with attachments, these four will be among them.

Extension Wand

Uses for vacuum Attachments -Extension WandThe most obvious attachment is one that you will use every time you vacuum. It gives you greater comfort when Vacuuming, because by adjusting its length you avoid stooping as you work.

This attachment also provides more reach, so you can reach anything that may be hanging down from high ceilings, in hard to reach corners and behind appliances. Something the designers may not have intended, you can also use this to retrieve lightweight items you may have dropped in an out-of-reach spots. By stretching a small piece of pantyhose over the end of the wand, secured with a rubber band, probe around with the extension until the item sticks to the end due to the suction.


Upholstery Tool

Uses for Vacuum Attachments-Upholstery ToolThe width of this vacuum attachment varies from brand to brand.

Most are a few inches wide and they often come with a fabric strip for catching lint.

The design provides focused suction on a relatively small area so it can be used anywhere that a little extra focused suction is needed.

This is also used to remove dust and dirt from within the fabric upholstered chairs and sofas, cushions and mattresses.

It’s also great for fluffing up the fabric on car seats so they look like new.



Dusting Brush

Uses for vacuum Attachmnets-dusting-brush

This is a round brush with long bristles.

It is designed to vacuum bookcases, picture frames, lampshades, blinds and windowsills.

If your vacuum has variable suction, the dust brush can be used on more delicate items, like ornaments and artwork.

Gently moving the brush across the item is enough to loosen surface dirt and the Vacuum suction does the rest.




Crevice Tool

Uses for vacuum Attachments-Crevice ToolThis is the skinny one with the angled tip for getting into tight spots like between sofa cushions, around vents or radiators, along baseboards, into corners and more. It can also be used for removing the lint from your clothes dryer and for cleaning the coils in your refrigerator.

Again this is a great tool to have on hand when cleaning your car. With all the suction focused on the small opening at the end of the Crevice tool, it is able to really drag our small particles, small stones etc that can lodge along the plastic moldings and between the console and the seats


Using Canister Vacuum For Hardwood Floors
Bare Floor Brush
This is a wide narrow tool that has stiff, short bristles to remove fine dust and grit from you hardwood floors, as well as tiles.

Motorized Brush Head
This is what others called the “power-nozzle”, a large attachment for canister vacuums with rotating brush for the machine to clean carpets more like upright models. Some will also have an option to turn off its rotating brush so you can also use them on bare floors.

Those are the uses for vacuum attachments that commonly come with most Vacuum Cleaners.

Additional Attachments

Most items can be vacuumed with the attachments above, but some vacuum manufacturers provide innovative devices made for trickier jobs. Some are included with the vacuum, while others must be purchased separately.

  1. Blinds and Ceiling Fan Attachments

These devices make it easier to get between window blinds and to the topside of fan blades. These can also be cleaned with a typical dusting brush.

  1. Turbo or Power Brush
Man Vacuuming Hair of his Dog

Photo from Jago

This is somewhat like the motorized brush head on a canister vacuum, but smaller. This device is small with rotating bristles that work well on stairs, to deep-clean upholstery pieces, car interiors and mattresses. Some power brushes come with rubber parts to more easily remove pet hair clinging to fabrics, but do not use on silk as it may damage the fabric.

  1. Mattress Attachment

This is specifically designed to pull even more allergens and dust from a mattress. Some come with textured pads, additional width and/or are specifically shaped for the job.

Pet Groomer

You can always vacuum your dog’s bed, but did you know that people also vacuum their dogs? This is a comb attachment designed to vacuum your dog’s shedding coat, but only if the noise from the vacuum doesn’t drive your pooch under the bed!

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