Finding the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors [Infographic]

Many homeowners are choosing hardwood floors because they are more attractive than the alternatives. The next step is Finding the Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum,so that beautiful new floor can be protected.With the right vacuum, they also find they can keep their homes cleaner than they could with Carpets.  While you can easily see the dirt (and remove it) on hardwood floors, that is not the case with carpets where you the dirt gets hidden in the pile.

The popularity of modern wood floors, is the reason that good vacuums for hardwood floors are high in demand. There are many different styles,  brands and models, so finding the best hardwood floor vacuum can become complicated.

As a result, to make things less complicated for you when searching for the right hardwood floor vacuum cleaner, we’ve created an infographic containing all the important things that you should consider before buying one.

Finding the Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Find out…

  • The right type of vacuum to use when cleaning hardwood floors.
  • Points to consider when choosing your best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner.

How to Find The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

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The Type of Vacuum to Choose

First of all, start by working out the best vacuum for the type of cleaning you do.

  • If your carpets are wall-to-wall, or you have a lot of rugs, upright vacuum cleaners perform better overall.
  • If you have stairs—or hard surfaces like tiles, laminates or hardwood, —  a canisters vacuum can be easier to move around. They are also safer to use for wooden floors.
  • Hand-held or stick vacuums are brilliant on smaller jobs, that you need to deal with quickly.
  • A robotic vacuum is ideal if you prefer to set and forget.

Why Choose Canister Vacuum Cleaners?

Canister vacuums can efficiently remove dirt from the cracks and crevices of your hardwood floor using their wide and narrow floor brush attachments. Canister models are also easy to work with on the stairs. They are great for getting into and cleaning awkward places, like the tight spaces around car seats, and behind large or heavy furniture. You can also get up all the dust close to corners. Most are quieter, and the separate power makes them seem lighter as well.

The Checklists for Hardwood Floor Vacuums

1. No Rolling Brushes – Check the head of the vacuum for rotating brushes with dense bristles. Most of all, you want to avoid vacuums with a brush roll because they tend to get down deep into the fibers of Carpets, and they can damage your wooden floors. Finally, if there is a Brush roll, there must be an easily accessed on/off switch for it.

2.Strong Suction – Since we don’t want rotating bristles when cleaning hardwood floors, we rely on the suction power of the vacuum to suck up all dirt on wooden flooring.
3.Rubberized or Protected Wheels– This is to prevent scratching wooden floors when moving the vacuum around.

4.Edge Cleaner Attachment – To quickly clean corners and along the baseboard.

5.Telescopic Hose (Canister Models) – To vacuum floors and to transition to staircases.

6.Long Electrical Cords – Allow easy mobility in long corridors and stairwells, a key feature for accessibility. Also, it minimizes the need to re-plug to other electrical outlets.

7.Size and Weight – When it comes to delicate wood surfaces, we prefer a cleaner that’s both compact and light. This is not essential, and you might choose a larger cleaner in order top get all of the features you want. Small and light makes a cleaner easier to use, and there is less chance of accidental damage to your floor, from scrapes and scratches.

8.HEPA Filtration– Dust can trigger allergies and asthma. Choosing a vacuum with a HEPA filter, cuts the amount of dust you inhale because it filters out 99.7% of small particles.

9.Variable Suction Power – This is very useful for more delicate jobs, like cleaning curtains, furniture and such.

10.On-board Storage for Accessories – Most canister vacuums have all the attachments you need. You want them stored on-board for instant access no matter what you are cleaning.

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