10 Tips on How to Vacuum Efficiently

tips on how to vacuum efficientlyMost people know and are aware how the quality of indoor air can affect the general health. One of the nation’s common chronic health conditions is Asthma. There are many substances that could aggravate allergies and could also increase asthma symptoms for those individuals that are sensitive to these irritants or allergens. That is why vacuum cleaner efficiency is important as it can eliminate or reduce these irritating particles from the air.

Thanks to the smart innovations in vacuum cleaners, now we can keep our floors spotless, and at the same time improves indoor air quality. This will only require minimal time and effort. In this article, you will find tips on how to vacuum efficiently:

10 tips on how to vacuum Efficiently.

1. Before starting, remove general clutter from your floors as well as any items that could jam your vacuum cleaner.

2. Most of us tend to think of vacuuming as a job we can get done quickly. But you should not just rush through it. If you can take your time and vacuum slowly, you will allow your vacuum cleaner to suck up more dust and dirt. This means you will get your carpets and rugs cleaner. By slowly moving the vacuum head, you allow time for the brush of the vacuum to agitate carpets and rugs properly, freeing more dirt to be sucked up and cleared away. Just because we move the head more quickly, does not mean the Brush-roll spins faster, so slow down a little and you might save time overall.

3. When vacuuming carpet, start at the corner that’s farthest from your door and then vacuum your way across the room going left to right, and front to back. By vacuuming in both directions the machine will suck up all dirt and dust, especially particles hiding under carpet fibers. As a small incentive, when you vacuum your way out of your door like this, there will be no footprints left behind. So just for that moment you will feel the satisfaction of looking at a perfectly vacuumed floor on your way out.

4. Take the time to use the crevice tool of your machine to clean around the edges of the room. If ever you’re vacuuming a big room, clean the edges first. This can be more tiring and tedious, so get it out of the way first and then vacuum the rest as normal. This extra effort is very worthwhile because you can keep your entire carpet in excellent shape. When vacuuming hard floors, you have to clean the corners more frequently as dust and dirt collect in the corners and along skirting boards.

tips on how to vacuum efficiently5. As too many owners have found out the hard way, Wood floors scratch very easily. So you must choose a vacuum cleaner with hard rubber wheels as plastic wheels may scratch the polished wood floor. Also check the wheels before starting and wipe off anything that can mark or scratch the floor.

6. Don’t forget to adjust the height of your vacuum when moving from carpets to rugs to hard wood floors. Obviously if you own a vacuum that can do this automatically, you won’t need to think about it.

7. It sounds pretty obvious, but you should always dust beforehand. When dusting after vacuuming, there is dust and dirt falling back onto your floor. So you have to vacuum again and you don’t want to be doing that.

8. If you own a bagless vacuum, gently blow out the filters using compressed air. This can extend the life of the filters and will also help maintain the performance of your vacuum.

9. If you own a bagged vacuum, remember that they work best half full so that the machine won’t lose efficiency. Remember, you should not try to re use vacuum bags as that can also cut the efficiency of your machine by up to 50%.

10. If your vacuum cleaner starts to sound different to normal, you should stop vacuuming. Unplug the machine and check for any blockages. This will prevent burning out the machine’s motor or any moving parts. An odd noise is usually the result of having something caught up in the brush bar, or partly blocking the hose or Tube.

Dealing with Pets

If you have pets at home, you just know there are germs lurking inside your carpet. By vacuuming the right way can prevent any sickness that these germs might cause to children playing and crawling on the floor. So applying these Tips on How to Vacuum Efficiently to your vacuuming routine will really be worth your time. You might even keep your beautiful carpet looking its very best for a few extra years as a result.

We would also love to hear your experiences or tips on buying and using your vacuum. How do you vacuum your carpet and hard floors? Are there any mistakes you can share that would help us and our readers to avoid doing it too?

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