The Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum Review

Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free VacuumAre you tired of tripping over the cord while you are using your regular vacuum cleaner? If you are like many others, you will know the struggle of wrangling from power cords while vacuuming dirt and dust from your floors. Dyson is a well-known brand in the vacuum industry which offers an alternative that will keep you out from tripping, fumbling or dealing with the hassle of a cord at all. They have developed a very handy cordless vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction and have the ability to easily clean hard to reach areas and other spaces that dust bunnies like to hide: the Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-Free Vacuum.


One of the key aspects of this design is the fact that it is a cordless or Cord-free as they call it. This gives you the ability to clean different parts of your home without having to plug and unplug your vacuum. Since it is cord free, it runs on a powerful battery that can give you 20 minutes of continuous suction, or longer of intermittent suction. While that does not sound like a lot, but it makes cleaning a lot less hassle especially for quick cleanups.

dyson v6 motor head charging stationConsumers really liked how the Dyson Cordless vacuums charges the battery. Its charging dock or station can be mounted into the wall which makes the cordless vacuum always on hand and ready to clean the moment dirt appears. This also makes storage easier.


This cordless vacuum comes with an impressive direct drive cleaner head that allows you to pull out more dirt and dust from your carpets and consumers found it to be effective. It also works like a dream on hard floors such as wood and tiled surfaces. The intense suction prevents dust and dirt from escaping, ensuring you have a clean and comfortable home for you and your family to enjoy. The powered cleaner head is designed to pull up fine dust and particles from hardwood or bare floors. The Dyson v6 Motor Head also has a crevice tool, great for getting under furniture and cabinets where other vacuums may miss and leave dust and dirt behind. It is also relatively light in weight, at only 5 pounds anyone can easily move it around the house and to maneuver as well. The brushroll of the Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum are easy to change, and the look and feel is of high quality and has a sleek design. It doesn’t feel cheap at all!


Handheld Mode of Dyson V6This vacuum is lightweight, making it easy to take throughout your home and even to exteriors, like your garage, car, or carport. Since it is cordless, you are not limited to the reach of the cord, giving you freedom to clean harder to reach places. Its powerful motor pulls up all manner of dirt and debris from bare floors and carpets alike, making this great for a home that has more of the former than the later. Many consumers also liked its detachable wand for handheld mode which is great for cleaning furniture, upholstery and stairs much comfortable. Moreover, the canister bin of the Dyson vacuum is easy to empty, with just one single press of a latch together with a twist of the canister and it is ready to be dumped in the trash where they belong. While some of its downsides are – the battery isn’t interchangeable so you can’t replace the battery pack unlike other cordless vacuum models and with Dyson vacuum cleaners, it comes with high priced tag.


The Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-Free vacuum cleaner will make household cleaning much easier and comfortable for home owners. This is one of the best stick or handheld vacuums on the market today. The Dyson Cord-Free powerful cleaner head, and handheld mode allows for versatile cleaning in all spots of the home. It is also easy to maintain, since it is slim and not bulky and will take up less space in your home. It makes keeping your home clean simple and easy.

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