Valuable tips in Taking Good Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner

You have spent your hard earned money, so lets look at taking good care of your vacuum cleaner. The fact that it tackles the dirt and dust in your home isn’t a reason for the vacuum cleaner to remain dirty and dusty. Clean the unit every now and then to help expand the vacuum’s lifespan, avoid losing suction and enjoy a consistent cleaning performance.

So just how do you keep your vacuum cleaner in a good shape? Are there dos and don’ts on how to use, clean and maintain the machine? These tips might help you keep your vacuum in good condition for years to come.
Taking Good Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Taking Good care of your Vacuum Cleaner

1. You have to check the bag (if it’s a bagged model), or the canister bin if it’s a bagless vacuum. Never use them if they are beyond half full, as most vacuums perform better   when their bin is half empty. Too much dirt inside the bin or bag would stress the machine and consume more electricity as well.

2. You need to be extra careful of the power cord. This is considered the weakest point of the machine. Pay attention while using the vacuum and never go too far away from where the cord is plugged in. Unintentional pulling the cord from the socket might harm the prongs of the plug, might break the cord or might even damage the vacuum itself.

3. Also, never try to clean moving parts and parts found inside of the unit while the vacuum is turned-on or plugged-in, for safety reasons.

4. Clean and replace the parts of your vacuum cleaner when needed. One part of a vacuum which is prone in accumulating more dirt and dust is the brush roll. This is the brush-like part which is used to sweep up dirt and dust from the floor or carpet.  To clean the brush roll, take off the base plate and the brush roll. You might have to take some screws out so you might need a screwdriver. Then, use your hands to get rid of all the hair tangled in the brush roll. Use paper towel for wiping out dirt, it does not have to be spotless; simply clean it till no obvious obstructions can be seen.

Care for the Filter

5. Another essential part that requires cleaning and replacing in most vacuums is the filter. Keep in mind that not all models come with washable filters so you might have to replace it with a new one from time to time. Fortunately these days most of the latest models come with washable HEPA filters.

6. Read the manuals and use the machine according to the label or guide. A quality vacuum cleaner is intended to pick up dust and dirt from your home. Unless the machine allows it, don’t vacuum big objects like pencils, toys, stones and such; you will also have issues retrieving valuable items especially when using disposable bags. In addition, it might harm the machine itself. So before vacuuming, make sure you clear away all obvious objects that could clog your vacuum.

7. Unless it is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, you shouldn’t use the machine to vacuum liquid spills.

8. Last but not the least; avoid allowing the vacuum cleaner to overheat. Some machines automatically switch off once they get hot, but for some vacuums this might not be the case.

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