Unexpected Ways of Using the Vacuum

Thinking of Unexpected Ways of using the VacuumA clever homemaker always have inventive ways of using their appliances and household items – and there are some unexpected ways of using the Vacuum too..

Your expensive Vacuum is probably standing in a corner or closet, waiting for you to take it out, probably only once a week, for the weekly cleaning?

You might not know it, but there are numerous brilliant and unexpected ways to use the vacuum cleaner that you won’t often see mentioned.

With a little thought you will also find your own clever uses throughout your home. Either way you will never look at your vacuum cleaner the same way again!

8 Unexpected Ways of Using the Vacuum

Give your house an incredible scent

There is something magical and mystical about the smell of your home… or not? If you don’t have the persistence to grow aromatic plants in your home, there is a simpler and clever way to make your home smell like spring. Just dip a small cotton ball into your favorite perfume or essential oil and put it into your vacuum cleaner bag. The aroma will delicately release and freshen up the air as you vacuum.

Find tiny easy-to-misplace items

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not when they are lost. We all know how easy it is to drop and misplace earrings. Cover the vacuum cleaner’s hose with an old piece of clothing and attach it with an elastic band. Then run it in between couch pillows, behind beds and over the floors to find your missing, precious belongings.

Remove those appalling carpet dents

Once in a while everybody wants to freshen up the look of their house and upholstery and rearrange the furniture. Thanks to the vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to put up with bothersome carpet dents after you move heavy items.

Just place ice cubes on those depressed areas and wait until they have melted. The carpet fibers will become more malleable, so you can vacuum over the wet spots and bring them back to the same level as the surrounding carpet.

Inflate an air mattress

Whenever your battery-powered or electric pump is broken, lost or flat, use the vacuum cleaner to blow up your air mattress. It is convenient and inflates as fast as you can count to one-two-three.

Clean a dusty keyboard

Your computer keyborad offers unecpected ways of using the vacuum cleaner

We all love cookies, right? They are especially good to enjoy at the same as your are doing something relaxing… like after a long workday while you surf the internet.

Unfortunately, your keyboard also gets a bit of a taste of those creamy cookies too. Any IT technician will tell you that these little crumbs are some of the most common causes of keyboard malfunction.

To clean your computer keyboard, attach your vacuum’s crevice tool and run through the keyboard.

Bon appetite!

To clear the lint filter of your washing machine

By using the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment, you can clean the washing machine’s lint screen. And then, attach the crevice tool to the vacuum to pull any lint left behind from the unit’s lint cavity. This will help your laundry to be more effective and reduce a fire risk at the same time.

Style your Daughter’s hair

YouTube is full of video’s of fathers using the humble vacuum cleaner to create the perfect Ponytail for their daughters. This is especially helpful for divorced fathers who only get weekly visits from their Children. Instead of making a mess, and looking inadequate compared to Mom, now the whole process is a fun activity unique to the two of you.

Last but not least – vacuum everything!

As you’ve probably realized by now, your vacuum is more versatile than you might have guessed.

Think differently and be innovative and you will solve hundreds of problems with your vacuum cleaner: use the dusting brush in a car, on windowsills, door tracks, kitchen appliances, blinds, lampshades, books, pictures and mirror frames.

The only limit is your imagination.

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