Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – Vacuum Seek 2017

Using a Canister to Vacuum Hardwood FloorsCanisters are better suited than uprights in dealing with hardwood floors. They can efficiently remove dirt from the cracks and crevices of your hardwood floor using their long, oval floor brush attachments. In addition, canister models are also easier to carry upstairs and use in cleaning awkward places such as behind furniture or inside the car. Furthermore, it’s best  to choose a rubber wheeled, or rubber-coated plastic wheeled canister vacuum, since plastic wheels alone might scratch the floor.

If you prefer getting an upright model, make sure it has a feature to turn off its brush roll to prevent bristles from scratching your polished wooden floors. A rolling brush is designed to lift dirt and debris embedded inside carpets. But with hardwood floors, it might do more harm than good and damage smooth surfaces.

Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

#1 Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition Vacuum, Bagged

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Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition

  • Variable suction power
  • 6 stage suction control
  • Rug and Floor combination brush
  • Turbo Comfort Turbo-brush
  • Protected wheels, safe to use on smooth wooden floors
  • Air Clean filter
  • 33 ft. cleaning radius
  • Cord rewind
  • On-board accessories include dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool.
  • 1-year warranty for parts
  • 7-year warranty for power head motors and body casing
POSITIVES: The Miele Complete C2 is our Best Vacuum for Hardwood floors. It is designed for cleaning bare floors such as hardwood, tiles and other smooth surfaces. It is also great for vacuuming low to medium pile carpets and area rugs. The vacuum features both quality and performance for which the brand Miele is well renowned. The Miele C2 series is a versatile canister vacuum and a vacuum that can gently transition when cleaning, from smooth surfaces to rugs and carpeted floors. This vacuum also provides amazing suction power that many consumers are happy with. Its users were very happy that it delivered the best performance they ever had when cleaning hardwood floors. Even though it’s quite pricey, the machine is durable and will last for a long time.It does what it’s supposed to do, really well, So it is money well spent!

Consumers also liked the vacuum’s quiet operation, and its adjustable suction, together with the included attachments – which are very handy for cleaning curtains and other delicate furniture. They also loved that the Miele C2 is easy to maneuver, thanks to its three 360-degree rotating wheels. These make it easy to pull the canister without any dragging, and there were no complaints about its rubber caster wheels scratching any polished hardwood floors. Consumers will also benefit from Miele’s effective AirClean filter system, especially those with extreme dust allergies.

NEGATIVES: The Miele C2 series vacuum is more expensive than other vacuums in our list. For some, buying dust bags could be a disadvantage. Lastly, consumers don’t recommend using this canister vacuum on shaggy or high-pile carpets. Read more

#2 Bissell Hard Floor Expert Bagless Canister Vacuum 1547

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Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology for powerful suction
  • Multi-Surface Foot to easily pick up dirt around area rugs and carpets
  • Hard Floor Turbine Foot – tough on dirt but gentle on floors
  • Easy to empty dirt cup with no-mess disposal
  • Multi-level filtration system helps reduce allergens
  • It is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and store
  • Rubber wheels leave no marks on floors, no worries
  • Includes crevice tool and dusting brush
  • Comes with a cleaning head rolling brush for carpets and a stationary hard floor head assembly
  • 2-Year Warranty
POSITIVES: We think this is Bissell’s Best Vacuum for Hardwood floors. This canister vacuum is compact, lightweight and comes with ample attachments for any cleaning job you need. The vacuum also feels very sturdy, especially the hose, that almost looks like a strong elephant’s nose. Consumers find this canister vacuum from Bissell to be exceptional in cleaning hardwood floors, tiles and low pile carpets. But not so suitable if your home consists mostly of carpeted floors. They find the suction power of the machine to be superior and also love its articulating wand,which goes almost flat on the floor to allow easy cleaning under beds or cabinets.

Using a canister vacuum such as the Bissell Hard Floor Expert is much quieter when compared to upright models. You can even vacuum your house at night and not wake up your kids. Emptying the dirt tank is also straight forward and very simple. Consumers also liked the self-retractable cord. Just a push of a button and off it goes inside the vacuum. A consumer even said it would be hard nowadays to expect more from a vacuum cleaner than the Bissell canister vacuum. Read more

NEGATIVES: Consumers don’t recommend this vacuum for cleaning carpet floors, but it does a decent job on low-pile rugs or carpets. Storing the vacuum also takes up more space.

#3 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

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Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional

  • Never Loses Suction
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal + HEPA filter
  • Lightweight, XL capacity portable canister
  • Detachable canister for convenient portable cleaning
  • Swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver
  • Includes Dust-Away attachments and two microfiber pads to pickup large particles and dust on bare floors on a single easy step
  • Adjustable Suction
  • Surface vacuum types: Carpets and bare floors
  • 30-feet cord length
  • 5 Year Warranty

POSITIVES: The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is a master of versatility and it includes many attachments that pretty much guarantee consumers will have the right tool for any cleaning task. If your concerned if it’s safe to use for cleaning your polished wooden floor, the answer is yes, which is why we included it on our list. The vacuum has a switch to turn On/Off its brush-roll and also has a rubber coating around its plastic wheels. Consumers haven’t noticed any problem when using it on hardwood floors. The dust-away attachment with pad, works brilliantly on bare floors and caused a lot of its users to rate the vacuum’s cleaning performance very highly.

The Shark Navigator is also good for cleaning carpeted areas and switching from carpet to bare floors is easy. Consumers also like its large capacity dust cup that you don’t need to empty often, compared to other vacuums. This is the ideal vacuum cleaner to have if you have hardwood and carpet floors in your home. Read more

NEGATIVES: For some, the lift away canister pod could be heavy to carry, especially when it accumulates a lot of dirt and dust inside the dust cup. The vacuum is a bit noisy to use, unlike other vacuums in our list, which are quieter to operate. Consumers also felt that the cleaning head is not wide enough and that it takes several passes when cleaning large areas of the house.

#4 Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Bagged Vacuum, 3670G

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Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G

  • Durable design
  • Power-Touch handle with fingertip controls for: bare-floor nozzle and deluxe floor brush
  • Features an additional blower port that allows airflow to shoot debris easily
  • Lightweight canister that weighs less than 9 pounds
  • 20-feet cord length
  • Convenient to use for home, cars and garage
  • Automatic shut-off to protect against overheating
  • Includes crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle
  • Bagged Vacuum
  • 1 Year Warranty
POSITIVES: The Eureka 3670G is an affordable canister vacuum that offers consumers great value – cost versus performance, and consumers’ expectations have been exceeded. It features strong vacuum power which is excellent for cleaning hardwood floors. Consumers liked to use the crevice tool attachment for cleaning baseboards along the wall with no suction loss. Unlike the dusting brush that sometimes looses suction when attached.

Although the Eureka canister vacuum’s wheels are made of plastic, because it is so lightweight, it does not need much effort moving around, and it doesn’t scratch smooth floors. Many consumers attest to the fact that the machine is safe to use and did not notice any scratches on their hardwood floors. The canister vacuum is easy to use, it pulls nicely and many consumers would buy it again if ever it breaks. Read more

NEGATIVES: Some consumers felt that it has an acceptable cord length, but others did not agree and wished it offered  greater cleaning radius. There are also some consumers complaining that it is too loud for a canister vacuum. While some felt that the canister feels cheap, at this price they mostly agree that it still offers great value, especially when cleaning hardwood floors.

#5 BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A

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BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Pet

  • Easily captures debris around corners or edges, and tight spaces
  • V-shaped design directs large particles into its center suction, while the ends of the “V” picks up small and fine debris
  • Swivel head makes it easy to maneuver
  • Easy-to-empty dirt cup
  • 20-feet cord length
  • Weighs 7.5 lbs
  • Designed for hard floors
  • 1 Year Warranty
POSITIVES: You can find a lot of positive ratings from its consumers, about how great this lightweight vacuum is for cleaning hardwood, tile floors and area rugs. The Bissell PowerEdge vacuum cleaner could easily pickup dust and dirt on your hard floors. Thanks to its powerful suction, and V-shaped design which pulls dust and dirt into the vacuum, rather than blowing or pushing it around. It’s swivel head also makes it much easier to maneuver around corners, chairs and furniture. Emptying the dust cup is straight forward, and does not leave a mess.

The Bissell PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum is affordable and durable. There are consumers who have been using the vacuum for 3 long years and are still very satisfied with its performance in sucking up dirt, dust and hairs. Certainly it is one of the best sweepers on laminated floors of today.

NEGATIVES: The vacuum tends to require longer strokes to effectively pick up dirt and dust.This is due to its V-shaped design, that funnels dirt into certain areas of its cleaning head to be vacuumed up, making it less ideal for kids. Moreover, the vacuum sucks up dirt & dust efficiently in forward motion, but not when moving backwards.

Best Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

#6 Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum


  • 75% more brush-roll power than other V6 cordless vacuums
  • Provides up to 20mins of fade-free suction
  • Direct-drive cleaning head drives bristles deeper into your carpet and removes more dirt
  • V6 motorhead removes dirt from carpets and fine dust from bare floors
  • Crevice tool attachment fits right into tight gaps & narrow spaces
  • Detachable wand for handheld cleaning mode
  • 2 Year Warranty

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#7 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010


  • Bagless cyclonic & cordless stick vacuum cleaner with Windtunnel technology to remove embedded dirt
  • Edge cleaning bristles that efficiently remove dirt up against edges or corners
  • Interchangeable battery with a charger
  • 18V lithium ion battery ensures there is no drop of suction power while the battery drains
  • Non-marking wheels make it ideal for cleaning hardwood floors
  • One-touch control for activating its brush-roll
  • Great for cleaning carpets
  • Extreme recline handle for an easy-reach under furniture
  • 2 Year Warranty

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#8 ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank Mop


  • Water tank offers an auto damp moping spa for your hardwood floors
  • Powerful motor with maximum mode & pet hair technology, removes fur, dust, debris and dirt easily
  • Programmable scheduling
  • Automatically docks to recharge
  • Smart sensors and slim-line design ensure the robot goes easily under beds, sofas, around furniture and in between chair legs
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Looking for hardwood floor cleaner or steam mop? Don’t worry, we got it covered!

#9 Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner


  • Steam mop offers hard floors a shiny and sanitized clean without using chemicals (sanitizes with steam)
  • Can eliminate for up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria if used as directed
  • Features a built-in Easy Scrubber to tackle tough messes
  • Variable steam control to customize for light cleaning to heavy messes (low, medium, and high)
  • Tough on dirt and germs, but gentle and safe to use on sealed wood, tile, marble, stone and laminate floorings.
  • 2-Year Warranty

#10 Hoover Hardwood Floor Cleaner FloorMate SpinScrub


  • Features SpinsScrub Brushes which deliver the best clean while it’s gentle and safe scrubbing sealed wood, tile, vinyl or grout
  • You can set the dial for Stage-1 for vacuuming, Stage-2 for washing and Stage-3 for drying
  • With its Dual Tank Technology that keeps clean water and dirty water separately so that you will never worry about putting the dirty water back on the floor when cleaning
  • Thanks to its Clean Boost Control, the control is at your fingertips to apply extra detergent for tough stains or dirt
  • Includes 16 oz. bottle of Hard Floor Detergent and 30 Hard Floor Wipes
  • 1 Year Warranty
  1. Do you think it’s best if I buy a vacuum cleaner online or in a store? I am worried about what I can do if the one that I choose does not work like it says it will. I am tempted by the cheap prices online rather than in the store but I do not know if it is a safe way to buy. I don’t use the Internet much and have never bought anything that way before. Do you think it is safe and worth the money I might save? Or do you think it is safest if I buy it in the usual way?

    • You can find many reviews online on a certain vacuum or product that people purchased online. Making it reliable that it will work like it says it will. I often buy things online as well, since I can get it at discount price.

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